Semi-Sweet Chocolate making kit

 This is a pre-portioned Semi-Sweet Chocolate Kit prepared specially for you.

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things that bring us joy.  Like making chocolate

Which bean to pick? How to roast it? Which recipe?

Oh, and the time!  But you would do it if it was ready to go.  I've said this myself.

So this is my offer to bring you joy.

This kit includes all the materials you need for making a batch of chocolate, already portioned out.  You won't need to roast, winnow or even weigh anything.  All you need to do is toss in the Melanger and the next day you have chocolate. 

Just like all the hip new food in a box delivered to your door programs assume you have basic cooking equipment and utensils, I too assume you have a Melanger like the Spectra 11 or similar, and a basic home oven.

You do have a couple choices you can make. 

2 lbs or 8 lbs?  I've picked these sizes to efficiently fill USPS flat rate boxes.

You can pick what percent dark chocolate you want.  I’m defining Semi Sweet chocolate as 55-70%.  65% (with 5% cocoa butter) is my go to recipe if you don’t know what to pick.

You also have the option of using Allulose (a zero glycemic index sweetener).  It is only 70% as sweet as regular sugar, so keep that in mind.  A 65% allulose recipe will probably taste more like a 75% regular chocolate.

So as not to overwhelm you with choices, you don’t even have to pick a bean.  I’ll pick one for you that I think will suit the percentage you pick.  Of course, if you really want a particular bean, leave me note in your cart and I will be happy to oblige.

Since these kits are made to order, they will probably take a few extra days to formulate and prepare.  In that preparation I will include the recipe and roasting profile of the beans.

If you are not quite ready to make any choices but still would like a chocolate making kit, check out our Chocolate Making Kit of the Month Club.