Chocolate Making 101 Class

Come make chocolate for Father’s day (the day before really). Fathers optional, all welcome Saturday, June 15, 2024, 1-5 pm $75 each This is a combination demonstration and hands on class to introduce you to making real chocolate at home.   We’ll cover
  • How different kinds of cocoa beans affect chocolate flavor, (yep, we are starting with raw cocoa beans),  
  • How to roast the cocoa beans,
  • How to separate the husk from the beans and you’ll get your hands dirty doing some yourself.
  • Recipes and types of chocolate
  • Making the chocolate in a refiner (more dirty hands)
  • Tempering (Yay, even more dirty hands)
  • and finally you will take home bean to bar chocolate you tempered.
No experience required.   No father even required.   An eagerness to learn is highly recommended.