The Chocolate Doctor DVD

We have three volumes of DVD’s about working with chocolate. Please note, these are NOT DVD’s about making chocolate. Regardless, I saw these and was impressed with the quality, clarity and professionalism. I introduce you to The Chocolate Doctor:

Volume 1 – The Basics of Successful Tempering

A professionally produced, 25 minute Instructional Video on DVD illustrating three methods of tempering chocolate: tempering in a container, tabletop tempering on a marble slab and the seed method of tempering.

Volume 2 – Techniques of Chocolate Molding

A 30 minute Instructional Video on DVD demonstrates the use of tempered chocolate to make plates of individual chocolates, double plates of chocolates, hollow and solid molded figures. It also shows molding with a magnetic mold, using a transfer sheet to produce a chocolate with a coloured cocoa butter pattern on the top.

Volume 3 – Various Techniques with Chocolate

A 25 minute Instructional Video on DVD demonstrates coating truffles, hand and fork dipping of items, making chocolate curls, ruffles, cigars and ribbons. Also demonstrated is writing and making filigree decorations with tempered chocolate as well as making a freeform cup called a ‘snobinette’ into which you can pipe your centers or mousse. Finally with the remaining tempered chocolate we produce chocolate bark or clusters.

Finally, a couple side notes. A number of people have commented about the “lightness” of the chocolate in these dvd’s. Let me just say that whereas dark chocolate may be wonderful to eat, it is rather difficult to photograph well. Lighter chocolate shows off the techniques much better, and that is what the dvd’s are for after all. Also, these were produced in Canada. Consequently all the temperatures are given in Celsius. Fear not. For those that can’t quickly convert, the Chocolate Doctor has graciously included a Fahrenheit and Celsius laminated reference card.