Guatemala - Cahabón - 2020 Organic

 Origin:  Guatemala - Cahabón

 Region: Alta Verapaz

 Crop: 2020

Certificates: Sustainably Sourced, Organic

 Type: Mostly UF-667 and other UF grown by local families

 Flavor Notes:

This bean has a bold intensity, although it is not hugely complex.  Quite often I have found that larger beans, not unlike many jumbo sized fruits and vegetables, are mild in flavor.  This is a nice exception to that trend (it really isn’t a rule).  There is a very delicate fruit blossom aroma (plum and/or apricot).  The chocolate flavor is moderately large and has an acidity tang of fresh red fruit. It is a softer malic acid, not is refreshing, not challenging  It is balanced out by walnut and mildly tannic brazil nut plus a little astringency.  It finishes off with a full, lush hint of caramel.

This one stands out with its deep chocolate flavor and monster size.  Most beans average 100 beans/100 grams.  Wild Bolivia can be tiny at 150 beans/100 grams. These on the other hand are often down (up?) to 50 beans/100 grams.

The Association of Integrated Development “OX EEK” Santa Maria Cahabón (ADIOESMAC), founded in 2004, cultivates and sells cacao, cardamom, cinnamon, and chili peppers. Perched on a mountaintop overlooking the extensive jungled hills of the Cahabón region, the association processes cacao using cascading wooden fermentation boxes and a combination of greenhouse dryers, raised bamboo decks, and drying patios

Due to the size of these beans you are going to want a slightly longer to make sure you give enough time to penetrate all the way to the core.

On the Behmor I would suggest P1 as your starting point and a solid 20-22 minutes.

The profile I used for the evaluation sample was 13/15:45/19:15 @ 262 F.  You can likewise take this bean a little farther EOR since the bean is larger and the whole bean is not that hot.

Due to the nutty nature keep your attention focused on sharp aromas that can make the nut go extra bitter.  Overall it is a durable bean, so just be mindful.  It isn't a delicate flower of a bean.