Cocoa Apocolypse Ghana Sampler Pack

We are sort of in what might be the early days of the Cocoa Apocalypse.  I talk a bit about it in Ask the Alchemist 327.

One of the causalities is that an old and very much loved stand by is no more. 

Conventional Ghana is basically no more.  If it comes back, it will be a couple years out.  In the mean time, I'm getting daily questions as to 'what is like Ghana?'.  The short answer is nothing is really like it but.....there are other cocoa beans with many of the same deep chocolate base notes.

I've put this sampler together to let you be your own judge.  I'm all about education and teaching you to trusty your own tastes.

You can get either 1 pound or 2 pounds of four different beans equaling 4 or 8 pounds and I'm already hearing about some people blending for a base deep chocolate.

You can have them however you choose.  Raw or roasted, and whole, or as nibs.

And because I can't abide secrets for the sake of luring you in, the four you will be getting are Mexican Camino Cacao, Uganda Semuliki, Bolivia Walikeewa and Ivory Coast.  What I'm not including as I feel it really is pretty different is our new Ghana Kome but feel free to check it out.

The only real lure is that I'm discounting slightly.  Ain't I sneaky?