Form Box Vacuum former by Mayku

Have you ever wanted to make your own chocolate molds? Now you can.

The Mayku FormBox allows you to make FDA food grade molds at home that you can then use to fill with chocolate. 

The sheets that come with the Form Box are the equivalent of light weight hobby molds.  We hope to offer up heavier sheets that will be more rigid in the future.  Please note that the molds are NOT dishwasher safe given the nature of being pliable when hot.

You WILL NEED your own vacuum for this to operate.  Pretty much any small shop vac with a 1.25" hose will work fine.


Voltage: 120 V

Height - 315mm

Length (With Handles) - 466mm

Width - 274mm

Forming bed - 200mm x 200mm

Draw Depth - 130mm

Weight - 13kgs

Temp range of the built-in heater is 160C - 340C.

**A plug adapter is not suitable for use this in non 120v locations.  A 120v/220/ transformer is required.  Since we cannot control use in non-USA locations, warranty claims are only valid for USA use. The manufacturer will not cover ANY 120V units used overseas.  I'm really sorry.

The Mayku FormBox is available from their supplier in an international 240v version here.

Additional tech specs can be found directly from the supplier here.