Decorative mold

These are small enough to be filled just with chocolate or you can make a shell and fill it with your Alchemical choice – I really like a soft truffle filling. The scalloping is deep and shows well. It’s a nice change from “flat” chocolates.

These are a great way to finish your chocolate for a nice professional look. It is really nice to be able to present someone with a classic bar of chocolate, and then tell them it is homemade. The finished chocolate can be broken nicely into 10 3/8" thick bite sized pieces.

  • Each piece is 1" square
  • 12 cavities per mold.
  • 10 g per piece.
  • FDA-approved & BPA-free plastic
  • Made in the USA


This mold comes Professional grade, are semi-rigid (they flex a touch) and should last for years.