Cocoa Butter Silk - Org

**This is now out of stock due to the difficulties of shipping in warm weather.  But you can still make your own with the Nomiku Sous Vide we offer.  The Care and feeding of your Silk.

Silk will be back when the weather cools off a the end of the year.**

We of course recommend looking into making your own but if you aren't quite ready for that, you can get it here until the Spring turn of the season when it gets too warm to ship.  Sorry, but we can't/wont ship with ice packs.

Dominican Republic – Natural
Organic Certified

First off, don't confuse this with our Cocoa butter by the pound.  This is Cocoa butter Silk.  It is basically tempered cocoa butter that you can add in small amounts (0.5-2%) to your chocolate to temper it.  You can read more about it HERE and HERE and what is produced by the EZTemper.

You you can also make more with pretty much any sous vide.  The Care and feeding of your Silk.

To use it, just finely grate it and add it to your melted chocolate at 95 F.  Yes, that is MUCH hotter than you are used to.  Trust me.  Stir it in, let it melt a couple minutes, and stir again.  You are then ready to pour it up into your molds.

Silk is shelf stable and does not go bad as long as it does not melt.  If it does melt it is still perfectly good cocoa butter, but can't be used to temper with any longer.  Just store it cool and dry.

Fine print - it comes as small pieces, not grated as shown.