Cocoa Bean Husk 1 lb

This is the outer shell of the cocoa bean, and what you winnow out from the nibs.

Used in soaps and scrubs. Some people also use it as a cocoa "tea".  I've heard It also makes a great mulch and compost addition. 

I can't guarantee whether the mixed cocoa husk will come raw, roasted, organic, conventional and/or mixed, nor the suitability of any application you may have in mind.  It is offered as is.

Roasted husk will come from a mixture of organic and conventional cocoa beans and again we do not guarantee the suitability of any application you may be using it for.

The roasted option is just that and is more suitable for brewing whether that is as a tea or if you want to include it your favorite home brewed beer.

All husk is packaged in bulk so if you order 5 x 1 lb you may receive one 5 lb bag.