Behmor 1600 and 1600+ Upgrade Kit

Err7 - Am I Right?

Who hasn't lost a roast due to the deadman switch?  As deeply important as it is for safety, it is a drag to loose a batch of beans.  With this upgrade kit you will now get an audible warning to catch your attention so you can continue the roast.  It also beeps again when you are nearing the final countdown so you can add more time.

You'll notice this comes with a spare variable 16 or 32 rpm motor.  If you have the original Behmor 1600 or 1600+ you will want to install this motor but if you have that functionality with a Behmor AB or 2000 pre-beeper version just consider this a spare motor.  There is no need to install it.


  • Beeper function- Unattended Feature and end of roast warning
  • Code Rewrite
  • Updated Processor: cuts refresh time and more memory
  • Universal power board
  • On board transformers allows for future flexibility
  • High speed motor runs at 16 or 32 RPM

** Could ship with All Black face plate

Parts included: Control Board**, Power Board, 16/32 RPM High Speed Motor

Installation Instruction Guide – Download