Santha Melanger Warranty Policy


We take pride in Quality of their product and our attention to you, the customer. Each product is manufactured with robust and quality components and thoroughly tested. We take much more pride in the satisfaction of our customers. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, we will assist you with utmost consideration and courtesy. 
Spectra warrants the Spectra 11 Chocolate Melangeurs for normal use, against any manufacturing defect, for one year from the date of  purchase. This limited warranty is offered only to customers within the 48 Contiguous states of the United States at this time. (Does not apply to Alaska,Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico or other countries). The warranty coverage includes the motor and other electrical and mechanical components. This warranty shall not apply to normal wear and tear, or if the product has been involved in an accident, intentionally damaged, damaged during shipping, or misused.  We reserves the right to either repair the unit, replace components or replace the unit in entirety, as we deem fit.  Warranty Service is provided by Chocolate Alchemy and Spectra Traders.
We require that customers follow specific return instructions to avail warranty services. Customers MUST directly contact Chocolate Alchemy for any warranty services within the above specified period and to receive instructions for next steps.  The normal steps to avail a warranty service is as follows: 
1. Customer contacts Chocolate Alchemy to register the warranty service request, along with purchase date and shipping address, phone number, email etc.. and detailed explanation of the issue with photographs.
2. Chocolate Alchemy and/or Spectra Traders will determine if replacements need to be sent, or entire or part of unit be taken back for repair and provide such instruction to the customer.
3. If necessary, customers will ship part or whole of the unit to Chocolate Alchemy by either FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Service, sufficiently insured and well packaged. Chocolate Alchemy will not be responsible for any shipping damages incurred during this shipping process. If the warranty claim is valid, Chocolate Alchemy  will refund the cost of shipping to the customer. If the unit is found to be in working order, the customer shall be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.
4. Upon receipt, Chocolate Alchemy will attend to the warranty issue in accordance with the policy listed here, and as quickly as possible and return the unit to the customer via either of the above 3 shipping services.  
The maximum liability for Chocolate Alchemy and Spectra Traders  is the cost of the unit stated in the original invoice. Under no circumstances is Chocolate Alchemy or Spectra Traders responsible for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, resulting from the use of the product. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied (statuary or otherwise) and of all other  obligations on Spectra Trader's part. Specifically, there is no additional warranty provided by the manufacturer  for this product. 
If the product needs service after the warranty period, it will be repaired for a reasonable charge.
The warranty is void if it is used counter to any of the conditions listed in the Instructions.