Heavy Cream Powder

This is a dried heavy cream powder.  Something you may not have ever seen before nor used in making chocolate.  There is no commercial product (yet?) that contains heavy cream powder, so by using this you are in uncharted and exciting territory.

First off some data.

71.5% fat by weight
12.5% lactose (sugar)
8.8% Protein
7.2% moisture and ash

Ingredients: Pasteurized sweet cream, skim milk solids, sodium caseinate, soy lecithin, bht.

It is certified Kosher. 

The first thing you should notice is how high the fat content is.  It is cream after all.  What that means is that you need to that number in your calculations if you are shooting for a certain fat content chocolate.  The other thing to note is that unlike using milk powder you can use this without the addition of extra cocoa butter. 

What you need to be careful of is that you do not use too much.

 Here is the first batch I made.

2 lb 75% dark chocolate

1 lb Heavy Cream powder

It was that simple but it also was too much butter fat and the chocolate refused to temper and was soft at room temperature.

I would recommend not using more than 5%.  More than that and you may run into tempering issues.

Pick whatever bean you like.  I found highly acidic beans react very well with the cream leading to some lovely caramel flavors.  Deep, solid flavored cocoa beans are good too and punch through the cream flavor well.

For those drinking this, 1 lb will make approximately 1 gallon of cream.   This also translates to about 1 oz or 3 T per 8 oz of water.

Finally, I was told the Canadian import tariff on powdered milk is 243%, if you are ordering from there, you may need to take that into account.  I am unsure as of this writing if that applies to Cream powder.