The Business of Small Chocolate

Title: The Business of Small Chocolate

Author: Brian Mikiten of Casa Chocolate

Pages: 117

It is available as a handsome physical book or an electronic password protected* pdf.

*By purchasing the pdf file you agree not to share the file with with anyone else, either electronically nor physically.  We can't enforce this, so don't be that person that we have to publicly shame.  That said, if purchased for a company, employees and partners are permitted to use the file but are under the same no share requirement and lose access is no longer employed or associated with your business.

What to say about this?  I pretty much said what I have to say about it on the back of the book.

The amount of fantastic information here on running a (successful) chocolate business is immense.

And, thankfully, Brian has taken this off my plate and put together an awesome treatise full of theory and practice and more.

"What should I sell my chocolate for?"
"How do I find customers?"
"I'm so passionate about chocolate making. Do you have advice on turning it into a business?"

It is so comprehensive and will answer those three questions in detail with real world examples.

If you are thinking of starting a chocolate business, you need this book. Full Stop.
So much information, so much to digest. I freaking love it...even more so since I didn't have to write it.


Ok, I do have one more thing to say about it.  If you have questions about how to start a chocolate business and are hesitating in the least at the price of the book, you should not be even considering going into business for yourself.  There is a lot to unpack in that statement since it is meta.   If you don't get why you need the book, you need the book and after the book, you will get why you needed the book.  It answers so many questions you didn't even know you had.  It is such a wealth of information and will explain why you should not have hesitated to buy it in the first place.

Still unsure?  Check out the Table of Contents and an excerpt of the Introduction.