Behmor 2000AB Plus- All Black

This is the newest All Black model (AB), previously known as the Behmor 1600 and now the Behmor 2000AB Plus. It comes with a new higher speed motor, more insulation and a beeper to alert you (NOT that you would walk away from a running roaster, right?) at certain points in the roast.  All the profile recommendations I've given still hold just fine.

It is the first and currently only commercial roaster on the market that does a good job at roasting cocoa with no (major) modifications. I want to clarify that point very quickly before anyone thinks "oh no, I have to hack something else". NO. Not what I mean. All I mean is that the Behmor 1600 is designed for one pound of coffee. We know just how far 1 lb of cocoa goes (not very). The only thing you have to do to make to Behmor behave for Cocoa Roasting is roast more cocoa. If you load instead of 1 lb, 2 – 2 1/2 lbs, it behaves perfectly for cocoa (since cocoa roasts so much cooler compared to coffee).

The Behmor 1600 is a 4 oz – 1 lb, multi program drum style coffee roaster. It is also a great cocoa roaster. Since cocoa roasts so much cooler than coffee (250 – 300 F vs 400-450 F) you can roast quite a bit more cocoa than coffee.

There is no issue roasting coffee and cocoa in the same roaster.  There is no cross contamination of flavor either way.

For a complete review please go to Behmor 1600 Review


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