Peru Sisa 2024 - Direct Trade

Origin: Peru

Region: North Peru – San Martin, El Dorado

Type: Local natives mixed with Criollos and Trinitarios

Year: 2024

Tasting Notes

The crowd seems to be split here in groups that either love it and can't get enough or those that find it disjointed and unbalanced.  How can that be?  Just have a look at the hophead lovers of the PNW IPA lovers club.  I personally don't care for IPA's.  The citrusy bitterness and astringency just isn't for me but local tap houses have 50% IPA's for a reason.

The chocolate aroma is solid chocolate and a hint of lime.  Straight out of the gate you are going to have lime in both acidity and astringency.  As that wave passes I get sassafras root and lime pith.  At the level of sweetness of our evaluation chocolate I don't find as much sweetness as I like.  Not unlike lemonade, I think this sings as a 60-65% chocolate where the sugar can help round everything out.

The linger flavors are both the lime astringency and some leather like earthiness.  It is certainly not a common combination and you won't be forgetting it any time soon.

These beans come from the San Martin department, specifically within the province of El Dorado, furthermore within the district of ‘San Jose de Sisa’ which is roughly 300 square km. San Jose De Sisa is home to roughly 14000 people. This area is prominently mountains, that are about 300-600 meters above sea level, with various native communities. The native communities in this area are the ‘Quechua Lamista’ (they like to call themselves ‘Llacuash’).

The co-operatives are paid above market farmgate price. Harvesting is always very important, only ripe pods are harvested. The quality is consistent, reliable, and always improving. The cooperative we work with in Sisa buys cacao from more than 250 producers.

The fermentation is done in wooden boxes over a span of 6-7 days, w