Peru Pangoa Organic - Direct Trade - 2024

Origin: Peru

Region: Pangoa is a small area within the VRAE region of Peru.

Type: Local VRAE natives and other natives mixed with Criollos and Trinitarios

Certification: Organic

Year: 2024

Tasting Notes

The aroma is lightly floral and tangy. The flavor continues on with a lively brightness backed by a nicely structured chocolate backbone.?ÿ The acidity is high and bright, layering together with clear tropical red and orange fruits.?ÿ On the backside is a lingering dark sweetness, a touch of candied ginger and hints of refreshing herbal mint.?ÿ Bitterness and astringency are so low as to be not there at all.?ÿ There is also a striking lack of nut or earth flavors.?ÿ This is a celebration of vibrancy.

The Pangoa cacao beans come from the mid-southern region of the Peruvian jungle.?ÿ It is a small district within the department of Jun??n.?ÿ Pangoa is a small area within the VRAE region of Peru.The native communities that farm the Pangoa cacao are Nomatsigenga and Sonomoro. It is believed that the name Pangoa is derived from the word pangotsi in native dialect of ash?­ninca. Pangotsi means home/