Clearance items

When we run out of stock we usually don't do it dead on.  There is sometimes a pound or two around that we just don't have a good way to keep on the site without overselling. You'll see them mostly in full lots of the listed weight.  Please don't ask if we will sell you 1 lb of the 2.25 lb lot.  We won't.  If you see it listed as per pound than we have a bit and you can indeed but it in the increment listed.

This is where you can find a discounted price.  In some cases we will only keep them on a month or so as I don't want them to go appreciably stale.  You'll see on the roasted beans and nibs a date indicating when we roasted them.  After they are 30 days old, into the rubbish bin they will go.

Similarly we have a few powders that are past their "Best by" date.  They are not official expiration dates as they don't do bad but I won't sell anything past the recommended date.