Alchemist's Blend #7 - The Long dark Tea Time of the soul

Origin: Blend

Type: That would be telling

Year: 2016

Flavor Notes:

Welcome to the Dark side. Welcome to the Alchemist’s Blend series.

With the winter months upon us, this is just the thing you need to keep you warm and cozy. Deep, rich, and layers of chocolate. This is a blend of a couple different single origin beans each chosen for what they can contribute to this quartet. High, low, sharp and round. It's all here and in harmony...but in a haunting minor key. The flavor and aroma are resonating chocolate  And again, this is not your mother’s hot chocolate. And this is also not coffee. It stands on its own merits, so judge it on what you taste, not what you expect or what it isn’t.



This Brewing cocoa works well in coffee brewers and actually mixed with coffee. Other brewing cocoas can have a tendency to muddy the flavor of coffee I have found, or worse, clog brewing filters or screens. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found 1:1 ratio wonderful, and if you are just a little careful, so it does not overflow, even straight can work well. Your tastes may vary but I recommend starting with the following proportions and times: 4 T/8 oz boiling water Steep 5 minutes Press (assuming you are using a press pot - drip works ok too) Enjoy straight, with milk (or cream) and/or sugar.