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Cocoa Butter Org/FT - Natural

Dominican Republic – Natural
Organic & Fair Trade Certified

We are now offering a Natural cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic. It has even more chocolate aroma than our previous source, and it is Fair trade as a bonus. It makes a wonderful base for white and milk chocolate. There are some caramel notes, and some people report hints of coffee or toffee. On that note, I have found that a few people don’t like the additional flavors. I personally like that little extra bit of complexity and variation you get with natural cocoa butter. If you want to just showcase your cocoa, I would recomend the deodorized cocoa butter.

The addition of cocoa butter will affect the mouthfeel, melting point and other textural components of your finished chocolate. Use anywhere from 0-20% cocoa butter. This is supplied in pieces for ease of use (not even as shown).

The 55 lb/ 25 kg option is a full block of cocoa butter and takes an extra week to arrange shipping. Hopefully you won’t mind for the discounted price.

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