Champion Juicer

We are now distributing the Champion Juicer. We simply can not recommend it enough for grinding your Cocoa beans into Cocoa Liqueur. I have found nothing else on the market works as well. A number of other juicers will start to liquefy the cocoa, but usually don’t have enough power to really do the job, and you end up with what some people are describing as “ropes”. No other juicer that I know of filters out the trace amounts of husk as well either.

The USA models are drop shipped from the manufacturer via FedEx (regardless of the shipping option you choose).  This is for the 'lower 48'. If you are in Hawaii or Alaska, please pick that appropriate model as it has extra shipping added in.

For the non-USA models, once we know your country (also at checkout, along with your color choice) we will take care of getting you the right model for your region. If you can remember, let us know what voltage you are, but we should be able to work it out.

The rate is approximately $120 shipping for most non-USA models.

Every so often, you may find that it is a little more difficult to process your cocoa beans than you recall. Have a look at the cutter wheel. Are they sound? Are the teeth all intact or worn down or bent over? We have found, that with a lot of use, these do need to be replaced. We are now offering them.  The cutter wheels in the pictures are a new one and one after about 300 lbs of beans.