Uganda Esco Organic 2018/19

Origin: Uganda
Region: Bundibugyo district

Type: Mostly Trinitario and Amelonado

Certifications: Direct Trade, Certified Organic
Year: 2018/19


The preparation is lovely on this lot. Very even and little debris to speak of.

The aroma starts with the tantalizing aroma of burnt sugar and warm dried dates and sweetness is the overarching impression this bean gives.  It is deep and luscious and satisfying on a visceral level.  The mouthfeel is incredibly soft and full, layering in fudge, dried dates and this low toned clean earthiness.  The acidity blends perfectly with the back drop of structured bitterness and a dynamic but controlled astringency making you want to just continue indulging until you eaten an entire bar.

This is very much a chocolate lovers cocoa.  It will hold up to virtually any recipe you want to put it into, balanced enough for a deep 85%  and bold enough to come through the sweetest milk chocolate.

Virtually all of Uganda’s cacao is grown in the Bundibugyo district located in the western region close to the DRC border. Previously a big coffee producing region, a devastating disease wiped out much of the production many years ago. The emergence of cocoa in recent years has brought newfound prosperity to the region and a steadily growing source of income for farmers. 

Esco Uganda has played a vital role in developing the Ugandan cacao industry by providing continued support and resources to its growing farmer base. Education is at the heart of the model as the company prides itself on training farmers, logging face to face trainings with 8,191 farmers to ensure continued quality control and sustainable practices. Farmers are encouraged to enter the “savings scheme” program where a % of cash payment is deferred each harvest for future needs, a new concept that farmers continue to adopt leading to a sustainable future.

I want you to feel totally at ease to take a strong and bold approach here.  It has loads of chocolate and fruit that not only can take a firm roasting hand.  The harder you roast it, the more flavor and sweetness you will pull from it.

The roast profile for my evaluation was 10.50/2.15/4.35 @ 264 F.  The EOR was just a higher than some taking into account the bold Amelonado chocolate character . 

If you are using a Behmor, P1 for 18-19 minutes with 2 lb will be just fine.  Go by the aroma.  When it turns sharper near the end of the count down, you are done.  If it isn't there yet, add a bit more time waiting for the turn of aroma.