Peru Chuncho Organic 2016-17

Origin: Peru

Region: Chuncho

Type: Criollo

Certification:  Organic

Year: 2016/17

Flavor Notes:

I rarely talk about the flavor and aroma of the raw beans but this on stands out so much I simply can't not talk about it.  They have most incredable juicy apple aroma.  That intense, heady smell of freshly crushed apple pulp on a cool autumn day.  You smell them and your mouth just starts watering.  The raw beans still taste like raw beans, but the aroma!!

The apple carries through lightly to the chocolate itself although it's less juicy and has a bit more of the tang you get from a peeled apple. Pippin if you want to know.  There is a full, luxurious mouthfeel. Heavy but not in a domineering way. The fruit is that of a warm apple pie, with touches of crispy wheat crust, just slightly dark. There is a clean earthiness contributing to the fullness. The overall impression is a a very satisfying and approachable chocolate. And one that I actually won't keep around....because I will eat it continuously.

These are smaller beans and as I've learned over the years the smaller the bean the more intense the flavor.  It is like all the flavor of a large bean has to be stuffed into a smaller package.  Clearly not true but a nice image and one I rediscover every time smaller beans come in.

The Chuncho is coming from Quillabamba, outside Cusco.  They're from some fairly old trees, where the pods are grown closer to the tops rather than the bottom.  Small pods means small beans and intense flavors.  The crop is so small that fermentation is done in bags. 

Given the small crop, and how little we were able to bring in I don't expect these to last long.

I found I like this one just barely on the lighter side to keep that apple aroma intact.

In an oven that means about 5 minutes less on your final temperature ramp.  In either a drum roaster or oven that means a bean temperature around 240-245 F.  Of course you can take it hotter or longer if you want.  There is plenty of other flavors (see the spider chart) to go around but you may lose some of that apple fruit.

For the Behmor, 2.5 lbs, P2, 18 minutes does great.