Ghana Organic Three Mountain- 2022 - Cacao Latitudes

Origin: Ghana

Type: Forastero

Year: 2019

Certificates: Organic

Flavor Notes:

The aroma is full of chocolate, vanilla, dates and coconut In this case, the chocolate aroma is fuller than previous years with a bit more complexity.

The coconut and dates come through the flavor along with light tobacco (the leaf, not smoke), molasses and carob. It has a smooth nut flavor of cashews and macadamia nuts. The chocolate level is solid as you would expect.

This is the epitome of a well rounded chocolate flavor profile.

There is both a moderate level of bitterness and astringency but both well balanced to the flavor profile.

More details

This is also a good beginner bean. I like this best roasted a little heavier than I do some beans, so don’t be afraid to let it pop and then let it pop a minute or two.

It’s fine lighter also, but it develops a nice depth of flavor “darker”. That means an extra 5 minutes and 25 F hotter in an oven. 260-270 F for a drum roaster or a good full 20-21 minutes on any of the Behmor profiles.

Overall it really isn't too fussy.

The flavors as a brewed cocoa are more bold than some of the other varieties I carry. The dry aroma is unmistakeably chocolate and this of course carries through with the wet aroma. There are flavors of nut and tobacco and a substantial mouth feel. There is a good, balanced, pleasant bitterness and lingering deep (for a brewed cocoa) chocolate. It also has a good smoothness to it. Overall, I am left with the impression that I have just eaten a nice handful of luscious roasted cocoa beans.