Ecuador 2019 Organic Sofia

Origin: Ecuador - Sofia

Type: Nacional

Certs: Organic

Crop: 2018

Flavor Notes:

They often say that a picture is worth a 1000 words and the spider chart does this chocolate justice.  It is a full round flavor with no particular floral component.  And although not floral, it does have a dry oak barrel sort of aroma, plus chocolate. The acidity is mouth watering but not aggressive.  It is a lovely compliment to the tamarind sweetness, slightly bitter minerally tannins and restrained pith like astringency.  I really like the balance here.  No one flavor jumps out but makes for a satisfying expereince and will be well suited for pretty much any application you have.  In the heavier roasts where you take it into the 260s there is a distinct coffee/mocha like character I found appealing.


You rather have a free hand at roasting this.  I would make sure not to treat it too gentle or you might not develop enough chocolate and sweet flavor and the result may be unbalanced.

In the Behmor, go for a pretty standard roast profile, getting in the 20-22 minute mark, pulling when the aroma starts to shift to in character. I have no issue taking this a couple minutes past popping if the beans happen to.

Drum roasting I found I like X/2.25/4 @ 258-262 F