NutriChef Oil Press

Single origin chocolate.  There seems to be a standing 'argument' as to whether a little cocoa butter from another source voids the 'single origin' label.  Personally I think not, given the sugar in it.  Regardless, this little machine now gives you the ability to press your own cocoa butter from your own roasted cocoa beans.  And with that, you can make a truly Single origin chocolate (excepting still the sugar).

Let's talk about what you are getting here.

This is an auger fed press.  It's often also called an oil expeller.  It is very simply to operate.  It heats, stirs, feeds and presses all at the touch of a button.  You pick your 'seed' setting.  Peanut, walnut, other, etc.  There is no 'cocoa' so I used peanut.  You then can pick your heat level.  Really it's more a heater timer.  The lowest setting of 10 minutes works ok.  I liked the 30 minute/heavy setting as it gave me the best recovery and still have great flavor.  Once you have those two setting put in, load your roasted nibs.  I recommend a maximum load of 500 grams.  Make sure the lid is on very well.  There is a little button under the lid that if not pushed down keeps the unit from pressing.  It just stirs and heats, and then stops.  But with no error.  The manual does not mention this.  So make sure the lid is on tight and you don't lift it once you start the program.

I don't think you can do raw nibs.  Well, maybe, but your recovery is going to suffer a lot.  And you absolutely need some heat or the cocoa butter won't flow.

After you press start, it heats and stirs for how ever long you set it for (in 10 min increments up to 30 minutes), then the auger starts, and cocoa butter starts to press forth and so does cocoa powder which makes into a pretty nice hot chocolate base.

It's that simple.  From 500 g of nibs, I was getting 160-175 g of cocoa butter in 10 minutes of press time.  Pretty much what the industry standard is.  At the shorter heat times, that lowered to the 140-150 g level.

 You will note from the pictures that what you get is a brown cocoa butter.  Since it is presumably going into chocolate, that really isn't any issue.  I did try filtering or cleaning it up.  I ended up with 1/2 dozen various failures.  Just use the brown butter.

That's it.  I really didn't think I would ever be offering any kind of cocoa butter press, but there you go.

Finally, the official specs:

  • Motorized Pressing / Heating Element Power: 550 Watt
  • Maximum Temperature: 428 °F
  • Oil Fill Cup Capacity: 400 ml
  • Oil Extraction Rate: up to 70% (Based on Food Content)
  • Power: 120V (220V is not available)**
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.0'' x 8.5'' x 14.4''
  • Weight: 18 lbs.


About that temperature. That is the safety limit.  With 500g of cocoa nibs (the maximum load) the maximum temperature reached was a little over 200 F.

 **A plug adapter is not suitable for use this in non 120v locations.  A 120v/220/ transformer is required.  Since we cannot control use in non-USA locations, warranty claims are only valid for USA use. The manufacturer will not cover ANY units used overseas.  I'm really sorry.