Brazen Brewer Plus V 3.0

There is no other Brewer on the market like the Brazen Plus.  It's to my way of thinking the best coffee brewer out there and the only one that can handle Brewing Cocoa.

From the company that makes the popular Behmor 1600 coffee roaster, the Brazen Plus is automatic 8 cup brewer that allows you to control of brewing parameters such as brew temperature (190-208 F) and pre-soak (which is critical for brewing cocoa).  It also has an on board temperature calibration with altitude compensation (the higher your altitude, the lower water boils) which keeps it accurate and precise within 1 F.

The Brazen has an auto timer to start brewing at any time of the day and when you find settings that you like, the Brazen saves them to use later. The water reservoir and carafe are both stainless steel. It has a pre-soak function to allow a small amount of hot water into the brew basket to pre-wet the grounds. It comes with a gold mesh filter basket. And it boosts the best water dispersion I've seen.  None of that caved in look in your brew basket so common with most brewed.  Compared to the original Brazen, the Brazen Plus offers improved features like a taller filter/brew basket and an improved carafe.

If you are using Brewing cocoa (which is why I am offering the Brazen) or making a brewed 'mocha' (a mixture of coffee and cocoa) you will want to use the gold mesh filter and not paper.  Paper will clog with cocoa.  It's that whole oil and water don't mix thing.  I suggest you also set the Pre-soak feature to a full 4 minutes until you are sure your filter (even the gold) is not clogging if you are using cocoa.  The heavier roast Brewing cocoas blends do really great, but some of the lighter single origins can still give you little trouble if you add too much.  Just keep an eye on it.  A 50/50 coffee/cocoa mix seems to do well in my testing.

There is an option of brewing cocoa. It will be one of the darker varieties that I've found works nicely with the Brazen.

  • Manufacturer Behmor
  • Depth                          9.25 inches
  • Height                          15.25 inches
  • Product Weight (lb)    13
  • Watts                          1400W
  • Volts                            120V
  • Material                       Metal and Plastic
  • Reservoir Size           40 ounces
  • Built-In Grinder          No
  • Auto On                     Yes
  • Auto Shut Off            Yes
  • Max/Min Ounces       10-40 ounces
  • Mid-Brew Interrupt    Yes
  • Programmability       Yes
  • Carafe Styles          Stainless Steel