Ghana RFA - 2019

Origin: Ghana

Type: Forastero

Year: 2019

Certificates: Rain Forrest Alliance

Flavor Notes:

The aroma is full of chocolate, vanilla, dates and coconut In this case, the chocolate aroma is fuller than previous years with a bit more complexity.

The coconut and dates come through the flavor along with light tobacco (the leaf, not smoke), molasses and carob. It has a smooth nut flavor of cashews and macadamia nuts. The chocolate level is solid as you would expect.

This is the epitome of a well rounded chocolate flavor profile.

There is both a moderate level of bitterness and astringency but both well balanced to the flavor profile.

Given the long and sometimes poor history Ghana has had with slave and child labor (forced) this is the one time I specifically put stock in the fair trade practices of the RFA.

The preparation is remarkably clean and it is a full, even fermentation.

This is also a good beginner bean. I like this best roasted a little heavier than I do some beans, so don’t be afraid to let it pop and then let it pop a minute or two.

It’s fine lighter also, but it develops a nice depth of flavor “darker”. That means an extra 5 minutes and 25 F hotter in an oven. 260-270 F for a drum roaster or a good full 20-21 minutes on any of the Behmor profiles.

Overall it really isn't too fussy.

The flavors as a brewed cocoa are more bold than some of the other varieties I carry. The dry aroma is unmistakeably chocolate and this of course carries through with the wet aroma. There are flavors of nut and tobacco and a substantial mouth feel. There is a good, balanced, pleasant bitterness and lingering deep (for a brewed cocoa) chocolate. It also has a good smoothness to it. Overall, I am left with the impression that I have just eaten a nice handful of luscious roasted cocoa beans.