Colombia Boyaca 2020

 Origin:  Colombia - Boyaca

 Region: San Pablo de Borbur

Type: Criollo and Trinatario

Crop: 2020

 Flavor Notes:

The aroma is pretty mild with delicate hint of dutch cocoa and a little blueberry tang.  That blueberry aroma stays true with a delightful tang of sun warmed wild huckleberry and a mineral like edge.  Overall the chocolate is structured and elegantly balanced.

That acid is vibrant and balanced by a soft sweetness and lower bitterness.  Many people have a perception that Criollo is the best cocoa out there.  The reality is it is much like any other bean but is instead simply rare due to its more delicate growing nature and lower production ability.  To that end, the elegance, balance and subtle nature is what you should expect from that Criollo heritage.


Nestled on the quiet mountainsides far beyond San Pablo de Borbur, a group of 80 family farmers are connecting to the global demand for fine flavor cocoa while alleviating their local coca (not cocoa) production pressure.  On top of being more lucrative and sustainable for the community, the cocoa grown here helps this remote Colombian town set itself apart from drugs and crime.


On the Behmor I would suggest P1 as your starting point and a solid 20 minutes.  If you can catch the aroma developing around 12-13 minutes, that would be a fine time to reduce the power to 60% by pressing P3 and letting the roast continue from there.

The drum roasting profile I used for the evaluation sample was 10:15/12:55/17:25 @ 256 F.   I like this a little gentler since it isn't a bold bean but you can take it a little hotter if you want do to the lack of nut flavors that would otherwise get bitter.