Peru Salitral - Organic - 2017

Origin: Peru
Region: Salitral
Type: Criollo/Trinatario
Certifications: Organic
Year: 2017

Flavor Notes:

The chocolate starts off with the sweet smell of toffee and rose.

The entire flavor profile here is restrained and delicate. Try as I might I find it difficult to pick out individual flavors other than a delicate chocolate. I don’t mean to mean to damn this with faint praise as I really rather like it. It is clean and refreshing. Off and on I’ve talked about how people are often underwhelmed with Criollo. I’m not saying this is (or isn’t pure Criollo) but it is what I find typifies that label.

Look at the spider chart. Nothing is huge and in your face. The most notable characteristic is the astringency (and please read this next part carefully). This is not an astringent chocolate. It is that everything else is so delicate that then I concentrate (and you do have to concentrate to note it) those lingering impressions (bitterness and astringency) are all that you are left with; sort of the very, very delicate bitterness of an apple skin.

There are small touches of nut and rose also in the chocolate plus a little toffee and vanilla. I'm left with an impression of sweetness and refined elegance. There, that pulls it out of the boring category.

If you liked last year's Piura, this too will be right up your alley.

Salitral: this is a small town located on the dry forest, right outside of the driest desert in the world, the desert of Sechura.

Due to the lack of water on this cacao field, Salitral cacao beans are pretty small. This town has a group of well-organized 50 cacao farmers that follow organic field managements requirement in order to be organic certified.

The preparation is really fine on this lot.

Just because the flavor profile on the bean is delicate does NOT mean you need to roast it delicately.

The profile for my drum roaster was x/10/8.5 F/min @ 263 F and gave the flavors in the tasting notes.

For the Behmor I roasted 2.5 lbs on P1 for 17 minutes. It possibly could have gone to 18 minutes but the toasty aromas started to kick up and I felt it should be pulled. The profile via my thermocoupled Behmor was 10/2/5 @ 262 F.

In both cases don't necessarily expect chocolate brownie aromas.