Colombia - Sierra Nevada 2019

 Origin:  Columbia

 Region: Sierra Nevada

 Crop: 2019

 Flavor Notes:

You have heard of fruit bombs, right?  A chocolate brimming with unrestrained fruit flavors?  Well this is an earth bomb.  Layers and layers of earth, mulch, leather and the like.  Let's back up a moment and do it like I normally do.

The aroma is redolent of leather, tobacco and rich humic soil.   The flavor starts with dried apricots and a slightly metallic tang of fresh maltyness.  I also get more tobacco, dried guava and the bitterness of Assam black tea.  The astringency is that of slightly over brewed tea but is a great balance.  Finally the acidity is from both the dried fruits and hints of raw honey.

Overall I have found this is a love it or hate it bean.  Me?  Clearly I love it.  Let me know what you think.


The Sierra Nevada is a majestic mountain range in the northern part of Colombia, bordering the stunning beaches of the Caribbean coast and reaching up to 18,700 ft in altitude. Cacao de Colombia recently installed a state-of-the-art fermentation and drying center in the lower-altitude community of Macondo, where they primarily source cacao from approximately 10 farming families in the department of Magdalena. Farmers’ degree of technical expertise stands out as outstanding: farmers are even running their own pollination trials to improve quality and yields, which are currently around 700 Kg/hectare in the region.

Cacao de Colombia has been providing technical assistance and a stable market to farmers in the Sierra Nevada for the last 6 years, and the results are clear in both the quality of the cacao and the impact on farmers. Farmers are reporting a 72% higher annual income than before this new market existed, and Cacao Hunters’ Sierra Nevada 64% bar with this cacao won the gold award for best chocolate in the world in 2016. 

On the Behmor I would suggest P1 as your starting point and a solid 20 minutes.

The drum roasting profile I used for the evaluation sample was 11:35/14:40/19:15 @ 262 F.  You can likewise take this bean a little farther EOR since the bean is bolder in flavor than many..

Due to the nutty nature keep your attention focused on sharp aromas that can make the nut go extra bitter.  Overall it is a durable bean, so just be mindful.  It isn't a delicate flower of a bean.