Crankandstein Cocoa Mill

**February 27, 2014 - I've been informed that these are not going to be produced "for a while" as of March 1, 2014.  Most likely some time 'in the fall'.  In the mean time, I suggest you purchase the Champion Juicer.  If you remove the screen, it cracks the beans wonderfully. "

We were having a difficult time finding a piece of equipment to crush cocoa beans so we had one manufactured for us. This is a cold rolled steel, three roller cocoa mill. The first two rollers lightly crack the cocoa, then the second and third rollers crush the cocoa bean again into consistent nibs and husk. It comes with a 2 gallon hopper, crank and is ready to use on a table top. It could also be mounted so the nibs fall into a tray or bucket. Mine is mounted simply on a round board so the cracked cocoa beans fall into a 5 gallon bucket. It will crack about 4 lbs/min with this mill.

The shipping weight on this item is 15 lbs. The mills may take up to a week to ship (these are actually taking about 2 weeks currently). They are made to order and drop ship from Crankandstein.

As these are made by hand, one by one, you may find some residue machine oil on the rollers.  Just rub some flour into the rollers well, and dry brush it off (a metal grill brush is great) a couple times and you will be good to go.

We are now offering an optional wooden base. This will let you set the Mill on your own container. The cracked nibs fall through with a minimum of mess and fuss. I really recommended it. $10.00

There is also a larger handle available that I have found very helpful in getting the most leverage out of your Mill.  It also is an $22.00  And as before, I really recommend it.  At some point I may make it and the base standard model and discount the lesser models.

Also, after a lot of use, you may find you need to replace the gears. We are now offering these in both the high density plastic which is standard, or stainless steel for those of you who never want to ever worry about them again.  Please note, the Stainless steel gears are not interchangeable with the plastic ones.  If you order a mill and and SS gears, then the mill will be manufactured with those gears.  If you already have a mill and want to upgrade, you can, but you will need to send in your mill to have it fitted (at no extra charge) for the new gears.